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Year 12 Leader: Kim Phan

Year 11 Leader: Rosemary Duong

 The Celebrations Committee of 2016 would like to welcome the new year with Compassion and celebrate everyday throughout this school year! 

We aim to carry on past traditions as well as introduce new activities to the school community to help everyone celebrate and raise money for our school charities.

Our main goal is to bring the school community closer together by supporting our events and organise activities that will promote a joyous and grateful attitude towards every day.

We, as a committee wish to fulfil our responsibilities as leaders of the school by helping to organise school liturgies and celebrations, as well as attending meetings and staying organised as a part of our role.

We hope to successfully host our events in order to create a fantastic school year, full of memories and leadership experience that we are able to cherish for the rest of our lives. We hope to give back to the school community as well as have plenty of fun!

 Year 12 Representative: Paulina Sidiroglou
Year 11 Representative: Shayla Nguyen
Year 10 Representatives: Sandy Thai & Janani Rajaram
Year 9 Representatives: Dora Tran & Jillian Arhoudis
Year 8 Representatives: Cindy Nguyen & Alicia Carbon