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2016 Arts Leaders:

Year 12- Joanna Nguyen
Year 11- Olivia L'etang

2016 Representatives:

Year 12- Thanneal So
Year 11- Bashoy Boyoris
Year 10- Isabella Jenkins & Bridget Rae
Year 9- Sneha Senthilvel & Liesel Gueco
Year 8-

Our goal as the Arts Committee of Killester College is to promote all the aspects of art, such as drama, fine art, music, visual communication and design technology within the Killester community. In an endeavour to achieve our aim, we meet together every week to organise various activities for the students to participate in. In order to involve the Killester community, we have established an Arts Committee on social media (Instagram) to keep the students updated and connected with the work of the Arts Committee.

With a clear mind set of inspiring students in every aspect of the creative arts, we encourage students to participate in our fun and exciting activities throughout the year. This year we will be encouraging students to participate in our 2016 school production ‘Annie’, as it will explore all the different aspects of art, which will be a great opportunity for students to have fun, create great memories with fellow peers and experience something special.

Our plan for 2016 is to get the students to get in touch with their creative sides by involving themselves in our committee activities we organise. We plan on doing a musical performance from girls in different year levels on Harmony Day to celebrate cultural diversity and promote the beauty of all the different cultures. In the previous years we have had ballet performances, classical Irish dances, harmonious singing performances, Vietnamese dances and more. It is a time of great unity within the community as we celebrate and learn about each others cultural background.

This year we have some new ideas that were discussed within our committee. We plan on creating our very own Arts committee Youtube channel, where we will be uploading videos such as art and crafts tutorials, art history, did you know facts, book, movie, art and music reviews, the latest news and updates from our arts committee and more. The purpose of the channel is to encourage students to be more exposed with arts and to bring out their inner arty side.

We also plan on creating a ‘Killester Radio’ channel through the application called Spotify or Soundcloud. Here we will be creating various playlists of music genres for students to listen to such as study music, fun music, classical music and more. This will be great for the Killester community as we will be able to connect through music and introduce the beauty of music to the students. 

During our Arts week, we plan on scrunchy hair tie making in the textiles room, in which the students are able to design and create their own hair tie using the sewing machines. We plan to invite students to join and watch a VCE Drama class perform their acts in the school's theatrette. On top of this, we also plan to organise our annual chalk drawing, where students will be able to unlock their inner creativity, and draw their own beautiful artwork on the pavements with the theme of mercy and compassion, as it is our school theme for 2016. To end fun arts our week we are going to hold the annual ‘Killester's got talent’ on Brigidine day. It’s an event where students are able to show off their rare hidden talents to the Killester Community.