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Student Council

The 2016 Student Council Leaders

Year 12: Nina Harris

As the voice of the Killester student body, the Student Representative Council Committee strive to motivate the Killester community to express their concerns regardless of subject, be it within the school or individual year levels. As a collective body, and with the assistance and involvement of the school staff, we pledge to strengthen Killester as a school and as a community. Through the legacy of previous Student Council leaders as well as the generation of new innovative ideas from new members, we continue to play a hand in the the development of the Killester student body through past successful activities. Our weekly meetings are home to many ideas, event plans, and discussions of any current concerns that have been raised within the Killester community. These include:

Establishing a Work experience/Job Board

Just to name a few.

The committee is also an active player in organising events with other student committee teams with events like Harmony Day, Multicultural Week, as well as the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, to emphasise the importance of being a part of a team and the bond of sisterhood.

 With the new recruits of 2016, we plan to draw on new ideas and create new projects to further promote and improve the whole school community. We intend to further involve the student’s participation in all our decision making to make sure the voice of the student is properly represented and to help maintain a sociable and harmonious environment worthy of any Killester student.