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Seasonal Prayers

Easter Season & Prayer

The Easter Season is the period that occurs, in the Christian tradition, after the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. It is a time for celebration and renewal in light of the risen Christ. It continues for 50 days until Pentecost Sunday, with a pause for the celebration of the Ascension 40 days after Easter Sunday.

Members of the Church, and people of good faith, have gathered together for almost 2000 years and prayed for the salvation of the world in light of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. They do this because they believe that Jesus’ movement from death on the cross, on Good Friday, through to new life, on Easter Sunday, is a fundamental witness to God’s desire for the world. They hope and believe that all of the creation, including people, will do the same in the fullness of time.

Pray this prayer with your family throughout the season of Easter:

God of the fullness of all life,

At the beginning of creation you planned that all things would come to their completion in you.

Your son, Jesus, opened himself up to your plan and rose from the dead three days after his death of the cross.

Fill us with your Holy Spirit of wisdom to recognise those things that prevent us from reaching our fullness and welcome those things that are in accord with your plan.

We ask this in the name of Jesus the risen Christ,