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Year 7 to 10

Year 7

Core Subjects:

Students will study both of the following semester length language units:


Year 8

Core Subjects:


Year 9

Core Subjects:

Term Length Projects:

Students will do 4 term-length projects.  These include Personal Development , which is compulsory plus choices of 3 other units. These will come from a range of electives which are on offer each year from the Arts, Technology, English and Science Curriculum.



Other Year 7 to 9 Units

Students will study the following semester length units over years 7 - 9. Two units are studied per semester:


Year 10

Core Subjects:


Students choose 5 semester length units from the following subject areas:

Whilst students normally undertake VCE Units 1 and 2 in Year 11, the opportunity exists for students in Year 10 to undertake Unit 1 and 2 studies. Students wishing to do this would need to apply and satisfy the application criteria.

Instrumental Music and Choir are available to students at all year levels.