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Year 10 Electives

The following electives are available in Year 10. Click the heading to be taken to a page with a full description of each elective, or select the Learning Area link at left. 

All students at Year 10 study Core Science , plus 5 other elective subjects from the list below.

Performing Arts Electives


Visual Arts Electives

 Composing Music for TV & Film
 Drawing & Sculpture
 Drama: The Unreal Deal
 Painting & Printmaking
 Drama: The Unreal Deal Advanced
 Photography & Film
 Music: So you want to be a Star?
 Visual Communication A
 Visual Communication  B

 Science Electives

 Atoms Matter

Technology Electives

 Energy & Motion
 Celebrity Chefs
 Whodunit?/I think I look like
 Textiles: Innovative Fashion & Design
 Information Technology Multi-Media Studies

 LOTE Electives

 Be Visual
 Italian Language & Culture "A"
    Byte into Information technology
 Italian Language & Culture "B"
   Funky Furniture
 Indonesian Language & Culture "A"
 Luminous Lights
 Indonesian Language & Culture "B"
 RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge & the Environment