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Performing Arts Projects


Do you love to Dance and perform?
Then this project is for you. Have you ever wondered what a Hip Hop class is or how to Cha Cha? You will get to do this and more in this dance project. During the 10 weeks of this program you will get to learn many new dance styles and practise these styles.

Not only will you learn about dance and get to do a lot of dance but you will also get the opportunity to choose one of your own favourite styles and choreograph a routine of your choice.

This project is a great way to explore movement to music and explore new moves you may never have thought existed and to have lots of fun while you do it.


Always wanted to learn the guitar but never had the chance? Well, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for!

In this project you will learn the basics of guitar technique, including playing chords and riffs. You will learn songs on the guitar for solo playing and group playing, and will have the chance to learn how to play music of your choice.

No previous guitar experience is required. All you need is some enthusiasm and a willingness to learn a new skill. Also, every student who undertakes this project, will be provided with their own guitar for the term!



So you like to sing? In SingStar you can learn vocal techniques, share favourite songs, learn recording techniques and record a CD. You can also take your talents out into the community to share. Bring your iPod, your vocal chords and an enthusiasm for music!



Theatre sports offers you the opportunity to learn a whole bunch of Theatre Sports games and improvisation activities in a safe and friendly environment where you can take risks, have fun, make mistakes and learn lots about theatre and stagecraft. After you have learnt all the games you will have the opportunity to design a stage and learn how to use sound, lighting and make-up so that we can present a small Theatre Sports Show to the rest of Year Nine one lunch time at the end of term. We will also have the opportunity to see a professional play so that we can see how they use stagecraft to perform a play.