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Values, Mission and Curriculum Statements

Kildare Ministries Values

As a Catholic school within the Kildare Ministries fold of schools, Killester is committed to fulfilling the Kidare Ministries Core Values. For further description of the work of Kildare Ministries, please visit their website at

As a member of Kildare Education Ministries, we value:

WONDER, celebrating all that is good with joy and gratitude
COURAGE, speaking and acting with integrity
HOSPITALITY, welcoming all
HOPE, bringing a sense of purpose
COMPASSION, walking with and having empathy for all
JUSTICE, making the needs of the vulnerable paramount


Mission Statement

Killester College has as its distinctive mission the provision of Catholic secondary education for young women, who are drawn from the diverse cultural and economic backgrounds of the Springvale area. We value the diversity of our students and strive to develop the whole person. Our motto, 'Strength and Kindliness' links us into a network of other Brigidine schools signifying that we belong to a large community.

We will try therefore to:

Curriculum Statement

As part of its mission Killester College aims to offer educational experiences that develop creativity, initiative and love for learning.  The curriculum will provide a broad education to assist students in understanding the world in which they live.  Underlying our curriculum is the belief that teachers need to explicitly develop in our students engagement, assertiveness, resilience, and a positive sense of self and be cognisant of gender issues and the spirituality of our students.

As a result, curriculum at Killester has four purposes:

Killester develops, organises and delivers its curriculum through subject departments and through many extra-curricular learning opportunities for students.  In order to achieve the above purposes, the following principles are to be used in all of the above learning areas.

The Curriculum Statement is an umbrella statement under which individual domain-specific statements will be developed.  Further, this statement sits alongside the school Mission Statement and the Brigidine Core Values.  Related Killester policies will be consistent with this statement.

Democratic Principles

Killester College adheres to and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

As such, Killester College adheres to the reporting requirements under Commonwealth and State funding agreements and makes available on request reports on all aspects of school performance to members of the College community.