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College Structure


Killester College is a member of Kildare Ministries which has civil and canonical responsibility for ten schools and two community works.  Seven of the schools were formally governed by the Brigidine Association of Victoria and South Australia.  Killester continues to express and live out its Brigidine traditions under the wider umbrella of Kildare Ministries established in 2014 by the Brigidine Sisters.

Under this umbrella sits Kildare Education Ministries Victoria and South Austarlia, an incorporated Board established to oversee governance of the seven schools already referred to.  The Kildare Education Minstries Board meets with the schools 2 - 4 times per year.  The Kildare Education Minstries Board continues to oversee Stewardship Councils in each school who give overall guidance and support to the individual school.  The Killester Stewardship Council works with the school community in order to continue strengthening Killester as a good place for educating young women within the traditions of the Catholic Church and the Brigidine story. The Council is appointed by the Kildare Education Ministries and meets about twice a term. Its main function is to monitor school policies and programs and set the budget for the school.

Staff and Leadership Structures

Killester College has a staff of 94 comprising 66 teachers and 28 support staff. Each member works in a team, with appropriate support structures. The day to day organisation of the school and the implementation of policy is undertaken by the Leadership Team consisting of:

Other leadership structures of the school include the following teams: